About GPS

Golka Piano Services, run by piano technician and restoration expert George Golka, has been delivering exceptional service to the greater Houston area since 1982. George Golka is a Registered Piano Technician and Piano Technicians Guild member. He is a Yamaha-trained Disklavier specialist with a MM in Piano Technology from Rice University.

About GG

george-golkaGeorge Golka was born in Warsaw, Poland. In 1975, he graduated from the Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw with a Master’s Degree in Music and got a job with the Polish Radio and TV Orchestra as principle trombonist.

In 1980, in search of a better life, he signed a contract to work in the Veracruz Symphony. So, leaving Poland, he took his family and moved to Mexico. In 1982, the economic collapse in Mexico and political turmoil in Poland directed him north, in search of a better life, to Houston, Texas.

Since then, he gradually learned the delicate art of piano technology, improving the quality of more and more pianos and satisfying an ever-growing list of clients. In 2000, George got his Master’s Degree in Piano Technology from the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University.

His wife, Anna Golka, an accomplished pianist and a devoted piano teacher, was awarded 2003 Piano Teacher of the Year by the Houston Piano Teacher’s Association. She is the founder and president of the Chopin Society of Houston.

She taught all three of their sons to play the piano, although, only the youngest, 15 year old Adam Golka, stuck with the piano to go as far as being a professional classical pianist.

The eldest son, Tomasz Golka, went on to become a conductor.