Consistent conditions, steady temperature around 68F and about 42% of relative humidity are optimal for the best performance of your piano.

Those are hard to achieve in places like Houston. Therefore, following the manufacturers recommendations, your piano should receive a number of annual tunings. This number will vary according to intensity and frequency of use as well as climatic conditions but you should never let the piano go without a tuning for more than a year.


Action regulation should periodically accompany the tuning. It is an essential part of the piano maintenance. Not all the keys are used with the same frequency and intensity and action regulation allows a technician to compensate for wear and fatigue of this complex mechanism and maintain its best responsive qualities.


Voicing, or a tone regulation process, allows your piano to sound fully but pleasant and even. It is a must not only for concert instruments but for any piano whose owner is sensitive to beauty, variety and richness of the piano tone.

This is a highly advanced skill mastered primarily by uncompromising and very dedicated technicians.

Repair and Restoration

Repair or Restoration is often an essential requirement of bringing the piano back to its best or simply to its usability. Pianos of age are often candidates for partial or total restoration or rebuilding.


Rebuilding is a complete renovation of the piano where all the essential elements of the instrument are being replaced or restored to its original condition. Often the structure of the piano requires repair as well. Please follow the pictures explaining and demonstrating the whole process.

Piano Moving

For professional piano moving services contact  Careful Piano Movers.